An awesome laptop

14 03 2007

This is the laptop that I really want. It is the Dell XPS M1210. Part of the reason I like love it so much is that it has an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor. Another reason I love it is because it is pre-loaded with Windows Vista Home Premium. It also has an optional built in camera. It is $1300, but it is well worth the money. Visit and do a keyword search for Dell XPS M1210. Sorry it is not a live link.




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18 03 2007
Mrs. Liscombe

Hey…cool blog! Mr. Liscombe just got a Gateway W340 UI with the Pentium Dual-Core processor and Windows Vista. He LOVES it! The set up of Vista resembles the Mac OS …just the colors and fonts and whatnot. I REALLY like the option on Vista where you can have a little toolbar on your desktop with a slideshow running of your pictures, your weather, and even a little clock. 🙂 Good luck on getting your model!

2 09 2007
A Guest

I know what you mean… that is a lovely laptop…
but here is the thing… its really expensive…
I have had a good look around and I have decided that the Acer 9920 is the better of the 2 machines… let me explain…

You can get an Acer 9920 with 4GB of RAM… the screen is also a 20.1inch… and it comes with an HD DVD Player… but there is more… it has an nVidia 8600GT 512MB (dedicated video memory) to boot. Also it has a TV in card…etc…

So whats so good about the Dell… Well – the Dell looks a lot better… its a really stylish computer… And there is another thing – the keyboard is detachable… but here is the thing… By the time you end up getting the Dell up to the same specification as the Acer 9920 – you are going to end up paying about twice as much – maybe a little more…

Personally I am going with the Acer… as a compromise on price and also at least the Acer has better specifications…

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