Safari on Windows

16 06 2007

Last Wednesday, I decided to install the Safari 3 Public Beta. Apple Computer made a beta release of ┬áit last monday for both Mac and PC. I read on PC World that t was 1.6 times faster than Firefox, the browser I was currently using (it was also over 2 times faster that IE if you are using IE). I went to Apple’s website and watched the demo and then downloaded it. I like it a lot! It has most of the features that Firefox has, but its faster. I don’t usually reccommend Apple software, but this is a piece of junk you won’t want to miss!


Microsoft Office OneNote 2007

10 06 2007


I’m sorry that I haven’t posted to this blog for awhile. I was on vacation in Chicago. Anyways, in this post, I’m going to tell you about Microsoft Office OneNote 2007.

I installed Microsoft Office 2007 on my Vista laptop about a month ago, and I have been using it since. When I installed it, I thought I would have no use for Microsoft Office OneNote 2007, but I actually did. This program is great for EVERYONE, from businesspeople to a soccer Mom. OneNote can keep track of all of your to-do lists, personal information, etcetera. I mostly use it to keep track of all my web-site accounts and passwords. And if you’ve used Windows for a very long time, this program does not have the new ribbon interface that all of the Other programs in Office 2007 do. Overall, I rate this product 4 stars!