Palm Centro Smartphone

22 10 2007

I was reading about Palm’s new Centro smartphone, and it seemed pretty cool. It is $100 with Sprint’s two year contract, the same price as my Z22. It looks very modern, and has a few new things that make it feel more like a a newer phone. It does have a smaller screen than its predessor the Treo, but Denny Arar from PCWorld says she found it easy to see. She also said that Palm made the keyboard easy to type with. But, Denny said that the stylus and the back cover were very ‘cheap’ feeling, since it is so much cheaper than the Treo.

This Palm is great for people who dont want to get rid of the Palm OS, but have most of
the same features of a modern phone.

I haven’t gotten to look at it yet, but I will soon!




One response

31 10 2007

Palm Centro is significantly smaller and lighter than its Treo kinfolk. Its smooth plastic case feels comfortable in the hand. Some of the parts are not of the highest quality, making it look almost like a toy. Came across something similar on Palm Centro at

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