An Alternative to the iPod

2 05 2008

This ‘alternative’ to the iPod that I speak of is the SanDisk Sansa Fuze. Though the Fuze doesn’t have the hot styling of the iPod, it does have more bang for your buck. You get a 4 or 8 GB of space for your music, which is pretty big for a $99 MP3 Player. The Fuze even has an integrated voice recorder, so you can record personal messages, and the Fuze will replay them whenever you please. Cnet thought that the Fuze had a pretty simple interface, and we think so, too. The Fuze also has a device on it that rivals the iPod’s ‘click wheel’. It works much like it, only it physically moves along with you, unlike the ‘click wheel’. What I like best is that the Fuze has a built in FM tuner, sort of like the Zune, but (like I said earlier in the post) on a much lower price tag. I listen to the radio quite a bit in the car, and in my room, but if I’m at the airport, I’d be able to pull out my Fuze and start listening to the radio.

If you are eying the iPod, this would be a great, cheaper alternative!





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