A “Creative” Creative Zen

3 05 2008

This MP3 Player is definitely one of my favorites, because it’s just about perfect. The Creative Zen MP3 Player has a 16 GB SSD, a lot of space, but not as much as it’s predecessor. But, if you don’t think that’s enough space, there’s an SD card slot, so you can insert an SD card with more space to store your music, videos, photos, etc. This player also includes an FM tuner and a voice recorder, like the previous player I reviewed, the SanDisk Sansa Fuze.

But, one of the things I like best about the Zen is that it looks amazing! It does have plastic casing, but Creative Labs made it shiny (I’m one of those guys who is attracted to shiny stuff like a magnet). The price is not that bad either, the player being at only $119 for 8GB of space for music, videos, and pictures, and a screen that takes up almost 2/3 of the player.

To conclude this post, the new Creative Zen is a very good MP3 Player. It has many intuitive features at a very good, affordable price. It would be a great birthday or Christmas present for your friends and family. Out of 5 stars, I rate the Creative Zen 5/5.

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One response

12 05 2008

Good article. I agree that the Creative player has a lot in common with Sansa Fuze

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