Blu-Ray Disc Xbox 360?

5 05 2008

First of all, I’m sorry I didn’t get a post done yesterday. I was pretty busy! Anyway, you might have heard about the death of the HD DVD format a few months ago. Before HD DVD went to DVD heaven, you were able to get an HD DVD player to hook up to your Xbox 360. Now that HD DVD is dead…what it Microsoft going to do now that their beloved HD format that’s dead? Easy. Make a Blu-Ray disc player to hook up to an Xbox. But, Microsoft always gets so attached to certain technologies, and it’s hard for them to adjust to the winning one. To make a long story short, Microsoft doesn’t know when to give up. Their Zune MP3 Player may be better than the iPod, but everybody likes to “coolness” of the iPod, rather than the more features of the Zune. If in the next year or two the Zune doesn’t sell too well, I think Microsoft should just throw in the towel. Anyway, by all means, JUST MAKE A DANG BLU-RAY PLAYER FOR THE XBOX, MICROSOFT!

How about a review for the Xbox 360? The Xbox 360 is a very stlish cool system, that has great graphics if you are playing car racing games, like Gran Trismo. Though it doesn’t stand up to the PS3 in games like Madden and NBA, it is a lower cost alternative to the PS3. Since I have a PS2 at home, it took some getting used to the controller. All in all, the Xbox is a great game system.




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