A Converter Box-The Zenith DTT900

6 05 2008

If you pull an analog signal out of the air, you might have heard that you’re going to need to get one of those Digital TV Converter Boxes, which you can sign up for the coupon here. I’m going to review one of those DTV converter boxes-the Zenith DTT900. First of all, I love the way this converter box looks. Again, I’m attracted to shiny stuff like a magnet! To buy this stylish box, it will cost you only about $70, and $30 with the coupon.

To start receiving digital broadcasts, all you have to do is hook up your old analog antenna to the Zenith DTT900, and plug it into the TV. The box will do a channel scan, which scans all of the available channels in your area. I heard on HDTVexpert that it is the fastest channel-scan on all converter boxes. So, if you have a really busy schedule (or you just really want to watch perfect broadcasting) the box will do the channel scan really fast, so you can do more watching instead of waiting.

This box is great for parents who’s kids are begging for a TV, but they do not want to hire the cable guy to come. You will recieve almost-better-than-cable broadcasts, and if you were watching analog TV, there won’t be any random snow appearing as you watch.

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(To buy this converter box, click on the highlighted Zenith DTT900 at the beginning of the post, or just click here)




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