Touch-screen BlackBerry? (and a BlackBerry Curve review)

21 05 2008

I was reading on Crave about rumors of a new BlackBerry. This BlackBerry, expected to arrive in the third quarter of this year, is apparently dubbed the “Thunder”. It is most likely a response to Apple’s iPhone, which arrived last June. Since then, Apple has sold a few million iPhones and has taken 2nd place in the smartphone industry, after RIM, the creators of the BlackBerry. It’s about time that RIM made a touch-screen phone, because that navigation wheel on all of the other BlackBerry’s drives me nuts sometimes, when I just want to touch the dang screen! I mean, they put so much work into producing that big, generous screen, and we can’t even touch it. Good choice RIM, good choice.

Now, here’s the review for the BlackBerry Curve. The BlackBerry Curve has many innovative features that are integrated into its amazing design. If you sign up for this amazing phone with AT&T, you get a very stylish titanium casing. The keyboard is somewhat easy to touch type on, but the individual keys are not as roomy as the new BlackBerry Bold. The amazing features of the Curve include a 2 megapixel camera and Bluetooth support, so you can get a Bluetooth handset to hook up to it.

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To buy the BlackBerry Curve, click here




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