iHome for your iPod

30 04 2008

The iHome is one of those docks that you can get for your iPod, and it’s definitely one of my favorites! The iHome takes advantage of the iPod’s great sound quality (which is one of the things that I LOVE about the iPod) and then amplifies it across the room. I listened to Let’s Get it Started by the Black Eyed Peas, and it sounded great. Or, if you’re in bed listening to your music, there’s a built-in volume switch which comes in handy, so you don’t have to use the iPod’s ‘click wheel’. Some of the iHomes can also double as an alarm clock, which I find pretty cool, so when I fall asleep, I can doze off or wake up to my favorite tunes. Also, with some of the iHomes, you can get a built-in radio tuner, which takes advantage of that feature that the iPod is missing.

The only thing that’s a minus about this product is a small one: it feels somewhat cheap. I don’t think the plastic was of the highest quality that there is. Anyway, it still works!

This would be a very worthwile investment if you had recently bought an iPod, and you are tired of sharing your other earbud with your friend.

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Hello again

19 09 2007

Hi Everyone,

I’m sorry I haven’t posted for a REALLY long time. But, I want to talk about the new iPod Touch.

The iPod Touch is pretty much the iPhone, without the phone (and the camera). It is a few millimeters thinner than the iPhone. My favorite thing about is is that is is the first iPod with WiFi and internet access. Now, I wouldn’t have to bring my laptop everywhere I go to surf the web. Another thing it has is the iTunes WiFi music store. You can download music right from your iPod whereber there is internet.

To learn more about the iPod Touch, go to http://www.apple.com/ipodtouch/.