Which Browser to Choose?

2 12 2007

I’ll tell you, I’ve tried all the popular web browsers out there. I’ve done IE7, Opera, Safari 3 Public Beta, and right now I’m using Mozilla Firefox. Firefox is good, but isn’t there something out there that’s better?


IE7 has a confusing, but pretty GUI.  I have never really been a fan of IE, because it had low security, no tabs, etc. Finally, version 7 came along, and the tabs still can’t match up to Firefox and other browsers.


Opera 9.23 has many of the features I want, but an odd GUI. It’s not like the basic browser GUI. The navigation toolbar was tiny, small, and a little confusing. Plus, you don’t have Google toolbar.


Safari has a very clean, organized and polished interface. It is also very fast. The problem was, it was a beta, and since I have Vista, I couldn’t have the cool, aero transparent look.  Again, I couldn’t have Google toolbar.


Firefox, is a very good browser. It has a decent GUI, tabbed browsing, and my Google toolbar. But, I had to download an add-on for something called Speed Dial, one of my favorite features that I had with Opera. It still doesn’t match up to Opera’s Speed Dial, though.

    The tabbed browsing in Firefox I love. It is very organized and easy to use.


Now, I’m leaning toward Netscape for it’s features. It is based on Firefox,  plus has more features. It can also read any Firefox extension that you download. Here’s the link for more features: http://browser.netscape.com/features


Overall, I want something that can do more than just surf the web. I want features that can enhance my browsing experience. If you have any browser that do what I said here (or a review on Netscape Navigator 9), please comment to me on this post!