AT&T Tilt Smartphone

1 05 2008

Though it may not have the cool multi-touch interface of the iPhone, or the styling, this phone may be a lower-cost alternative to the iPhone. The AT&T Tilt does have a really cool tilting screen (hence the name) with could make it function as a mini-laptop, if you didn’t have your laptop around. It runs Windows Mobile 6 and comes with IE Mobile, but if I was going to buy the Tilt, I would wait until Windows Mobile 6.1 comes out with the full browsing experience (set to compete with the iPhone’s). It even has a 3 MP camera. That’s a pretty big camera for a cellphone. But the best part about the Tilt is that it has 3G using HSDPA, compared to the iPhone’s slower speed while using AT&T’s EDGE network. The Tilt also has GPS support, so there’s no need for you to buy a GPS for your car.

The pictures taken from the 3 MP camera on the tilt weren’t quite out-of-this-world. They were a bit tingy, and should have been better for a 3 MP camera. You might want to think about buying a different digital camera if you are going to be using the camera a lot.

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