MyFax Fax-to-email service

1 07 2008

Hello Everyone,

I am very sorry I have not posted for a few weeks. I have been visiting with family. But anyway, in response to one of my readers, I will be reviewing a fax-to-email service today, called MyFax.

To start off, I would like to say that this software is phenomenal! It is just like using Outlook Express in Windows XP. The User Interface is very simple and easy to use, and that is one of my favorite parts about any computer program out there.

MyFax works with a wide range of web browsers including Netscape, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Internet Explorer. It also works with many different email services, such as Google’s GMail, Yahoo!’s Yahoo! Mail, and Microsoft Network Hotmail. 

With MyFax, you can send many different faxed documents to up to nine of your friends, family, or anybody else that you are close to or love. There are also many innovative  features to protect your account, which include password protection and reporting.

MyFax will let you send up to 100 and receive up to 200 faxes before MyFax will start charging you more. I personally think that’s a pretty good deal! 🙂

All in all, MyFax is a revolutionary and innovative fax-to-email service, that makes you feel like you’re sending just another email. 

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Safari on Windows

16 06 2007

Last Wednesday, I decided to install the Safari 3 Public Beta. Apple Computer made a beta release of  it last monday for both Mac and PC. I read on PC World that t was 1.6 times faster than Firefox, the browser I was currently using (it was also over 2 times faster that IE if you are using IE). I went to Apple’s website and watched the demo and then downloaded it. I like it a lot! It has most of the features that Firefox has, but its faster. I don’t usually reccommend Apple software, but this is a piece of junk you won’t want to miss!

Microsoft Office OneNote 2007

10 06 2007


I’m sorry that I haven’t posted to this blog for awhile. I was on vacation in Chicago. Anyways, in this post, I’m going to tell you about Microsoft Office OneNote 2007.

I installed Microsoft Office 2007 on my Vista laptop about a month ago, and I have been using it since. When I installed it, I thought I would have no use for Microsoft Office OneNote 2007, but I actually did. This program is great for EVERYONE, from businesspeople to a soccer Mom. OneNote can keep track of all of your to-do lists, personal information, etcetera. I mostly use it to keep track of all my web-site accounts and passwords. And if you’ve used Windows for a very long time, this program does not have the new ribbon interface that all of the Other programs in Office 2007 do. Overall, I rate this product 4 stars!

I Like Office 2007!

20 05 2007

I had on my computer for awhile, but then I decided that I wanted Office 2007 instead. My gut was punishing me because I had all this OpenSource software on my computer. I had, Nvu, and Mozilla Firefox. But just a couple days ago, I realized the Office 2007 software that my Dad bought two months ago would work on 3 PCs!

So, I installed it on my computer, and I like it. The “ribbon” interface took a little bit of getting used to, but I understood it in about a day. I love all the new features it has, like when you draw a table, it will show you what your table will look like in the document!

Instead of a new Window opening, it will have pull down menus. Say if you wanted some WordArt, the selection would come down in a pull down menu. It saves me a lot of time.

If you have been using PCs since like Windows 3.0, never install this software on your computer. You will have to practically re-learn Office again. But, if you are just getting started with PCs, this Office suite is perfect for you!