Blu-Ray Disc Xbox 360?

5 05 2008

First of all, I’m sorry I didn’t get a post done yesterday. I was pretty busy! Anyway, you might have heard about the death of the HD DVD format a few months ago. Before HD DVD went to DVD heaven, you were able to get an HD DVD player to hook up to your Xbox 360. Now that HD DVD is dead…what it Microsoft going to do now that their beloved HD format that’s dead? Easy. Make a Blu-Ray disc player to hook up to an Xbox. But, Microsoft always gets so attached to certain technologies, and it’s hard for them to adjust to the winning one. To make a long story short, Microsoft doesn’t know when to give up. Their Zune MP3 Player may be better than the iPod, but everybody likes to “coolness” of the iPod, rather than the more features of the Zune. If in the next year or two the Zune doesn’t sell too well, I think Microsoft should just throw in the towel. Anyway, by all means, JUST MAKE A DANG BLU-RAY PLAYER FOR THE XBOX, MICROSOFT!

How about a review for the Xbox 360? The Xbox 360 is a very stlish cool system, that has great graphics if you are playing car racing games, like Gran Trismo. Though it doesn’t stand up to the PS3 in games like Madden and NBA, it is a lower cost alternative to the PS3. Since I have a PS2 at home, it took some getting used to the controller. All in all, the Xbox is a great game system.


A “Creative” Creative Zen

3 05 2008

This MP3 Player is definitely one of my favorites, because it’s just about perfect. The Creative Zen MP3 Player has a 16 GB SSD, a lot of space, but not as much as it’s predecessor. But, if you don’t think that’s enough space, there’s an SD card slot, so you can insert an SD card with more space to store your music, videos, photos, etc. This player also includes an FM tuner and a voice recorder, like the previous player I reviewed, the SanDisk Sansa Fuze.

But, one of the things I like best about the Zen is that it looks amazing! It does have plastic casing, but Creative Labs made it shiny (I’m one of those guys who is attracted to shiny stuff like a magnet). The price is not that bad either, the player being at only $119 for 8GB of space for music, videos, and pictures, and a screen that takes up almost 2/3 of the player.

To conclude this post, the new Creative Zen is a very good MP3 Player. It has many intuitive features at a very good, affordable price. It would be a great birthday or Christmas present for your friends and family. Out of 5 stars, I rate the Creative Zen 5/5.

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An Alternative to the iPod

2 05 2008

This ‘alternative’ to the iPod that I speak of is the SanDisk Sansa Fuze. Though the Fuze doesn’t have the hot styling of the iPod, it does have more bang for your buck. You get a 4 or 8 GB of space for your music, which is pretty big for a $99 MP3 Player. The Fuze even has an integrated voice recorder, so you can record personal messages, and the Fuze will replay them whenever you please. Cnet thought that the Fuze had a pretty simple interface, and we think so, too. The Fuze also has a device on it that rivals the iPod’s ‘click wheel’. It works much like it, only it physically moves along with you, unlike the ‘click wheel’. What I like best is that the Fuze has a built in FM tuner, sort of like the Zune, but (like I said earlier in the post) on a much lower price tag. I listen to the radio quite a bit in the car, and in my room, but if I’m at the airport, I’d be able to pull out my Fuze and start listening to the radio.

If you are eying the iPod, this would be a great, cheaper alternative!


AT&T Tilt Smartphone

1 05 2008

Though it may not have the cool multi-touch interface of the iPhone, or the styling, this phone may be a lower-cost alternative to the iPhone. The AT&T Tilt does have a really cool tilting screen (hence the name) with could make it function as a mini-laptop, if you didn’t have your laptop around. It runs Windows Mobile 6 and comes with IE Mobile, but if I was going to buy the Tilt, I would wait until Windows Mobile 6.1 comes out with the full browsing experience (set to compete with the iPhone’s). It even has a 3 MP camera. That’s a pretty big camera for a cellphone. But the best part about the Tilt is that it has 3G using HSDPA, compared to the iPhone’s slower speed while using AT&T’s EDGE network. The Tilt also has GPS support, so there’s no need for you to buy a GPS for your car.

The pictures taken from the 3 MP camera on the tilt weren’t quite out-of-this-world. They were a bit tingy, and should have been better for a 3 MP camera. You might want to think about buying a different digital camera if you are going to be using the camera a lot.

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iHome for your iPod

30 04 2008

The iHome is one of those docks that you can get for your iPod, and it’s definitely one of my favorites! The iHome takes advantage of the iPod’s great sound quality (which is one of the things that I LOVE about the iPod) and then amplifies it across the room. I listened to Let’s Get it Started by the Black Eyed Peas, and it sounded great. Or, if you’re in bed listening to your music, there’s a built-in volume switch which comes in handy, so you don’t have to use the iPod’s ‘click wheel’. Some of the iHomes can also double as an alarm clock, which I find pretty cool, so when I fall asleep, I can doze off or wake up to my favorite tunes. Also, with some of the iHomes, you can get a built-in radio tuner, which takes advantage of that feature that the iPod is missing.

The only thing that’s a minus about this product is a small one: it feels somewhat cheap. I don’t think the plastic was of the highest quality that there is. Anyway, it still works!

This would be a very worthwile investment if you had recently bought an iPod, and you are tired of sharing your other earbud with your friend.

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The Best Alternative to the MacBook Air

29 04 2008

For the past three to four months, the MacBook Air has ruled all of the super-thin laptops. The Lenovo ThinkPad X300 may just take that lead. The base price is higher than the MacBook Air, but when you get a high end X300 and a high end Air, you end up saving about $200. The X300 has a 64 GB SSD (which takes up most of the almost $3000 price tag), 2 GB of RAM, and the same Intel Core 2 Duo CPU that’s in the MacBook Air. It also has a 1.3 MP integrated webcam, and something that’s not in the MacBook Air: a built in DVD burner. The X300 is even thinner than the MacBook Air by 3/100 of an inch. That may not be much, but for people who want an extreme portability laptop, every 100th of an inch counts! The Lenovo ThinkPad X300 even has a replaceable battery, something that may have stopped a few people from buying the MacBook Air.

I am very impressed with this laptop Lenovo put together. Despite it’s somewhat-expensive price tag, it is well worth the money!

Hewlett-Packard’s 2133 Mini-Note

29 04 2008

HP recently released a somewhat low-cost UMPC recently, dubbed, the 2133 Mini-Note. PC manufacturers seem to be targeting people who just want a basic computer, and don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for the bells and whistles of more expensive computers. An example is the Asustek Eee PC, and the Everex Cloudbook (which the 2133 is set to compete with).

The 2133 has a Via C7-M 1.6 GHz Processor, 1 or 2 GB of RAM (depending on which version of the notebook you get), Windows Vista Business, Vista Home Basic, Windows XP, or SUSE Linux from Novell (also depending on which version you get). It has a 9″ screen (compared to the Eee‘s small 7″ screen) and an-almost full size keyboard. The keyboard is actually very easy for an adult to easily touch-type on, unlike having to hunt-and-peck on the Eee PC‘s keyboard because it is so small!

This notebook does have a few disadvantages to it, though. HP should have put in a different chip, maybe an Intel one that’s a bit faster, because the Via chip should not be in this machine. The touchpad is not that great, either. It feels a little small and cramped, and putting touchpad buttons on the left and right of the actual touchpad did feel awkward. Even the tiny Eee PC was able to squeeze in room to put the touchpad buttons below the touchpad.

There you have it- a review of HP’s new mini-notebook, the 2133. Keep reading my blog for more reviews of new technology!